2024-04-06 The Yanos Fest

We are very excited to announce the first of its kind in Japan, and our very own first ever event, “The Yanos Fest”! brought to you by Yanos Fest & R3

This is the very first of its kind in Japan and it will be a very unique event that aims to being life and energy to Tokyo night life by bringing a vibe from all 4 corners of the globe!!

The main genre would be “dance music” mainly of music from all 4 corners of the world that has been taking social media by storm with various dance challenges! Starting from the Americas, to Europe, Asia and Africa!

To catch all these amazing vibes in action with music that will make you move to the best quality of music, catch us at R3 Roppongi
LADIES free before 00:00

Not only that, but we will also have GoGo Dancer to spice the night up, so you can have a “fantabulous” time

Don’t forget to spread the word and bring your friends along for an unforgettable night of music and fun! Our dress code is wear anything that you can move in comfortably the whole night

Advance Ticket
■ Women Advance Ticket 2,000円+1DRINK
■ Men Advance Ticket 3,000円+1DRINK

Same Day Entrance Fee
■ Women Advance Ticket 2,500円+1DRINK
■ Men Advance Ticket 3,500円+1DRINK

VIP Tables available! Contact us for additional information and reservations!

※After purchasing, on the event day please give the receptionist your name or your email address that you used to purchase the ticket.

■ 女性前売り2,000円+1DRINK
■ 男性前売り3,000円+1DRINK

■ 女性前売り2,500円+1DRINK
■ 男性前売り3,500円+1DRINK