R3 Club Lounge brings you the best DJs in Tokyo’s nightlife scene playing music ranging from Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Afrobeats, Amapiano and more. Get to know the people who make R3 Club Lounge Roppongi’s best nightclub.

DJ Martin
Hip Hop

As an international DJ, DJ Martin is currently working throughout the Asian regions. He has spent two years in Singapore, one year in Australia, and seven years in New York. During that period he has gained a renewed mastery and developed a strong reputation for being one of the best open format DJ in NYC.  

DJ Yazz
Hip Hop

In 2014, Yazz moved to Las Vegas where the world largest class nightclubs are lined up for chasing his DJ career. Residents at nightclubs in Downtown Las Vegas, Guest appearances in Texas, California etc, he has had many experiences and his wide range of music selection and skill are highly praised.

DJ Kaoribaby

DJane Mag Japan Official DJ. TOP 40 DJanes 2018 ranked in (34th).
Member of URBAN CRAFT.
Started DJ streaming as “DJ kaoribaby” on 17LIVE in November, 2017, and expanded the area of her DJ activities to bars, clubs, and events from 2018.

DJ Fuse
 Hip Hop | R&B | Reggae | SOCA | Afrobeats

Started her DJ career in 2011, DJ Fuse has won popularity among young crowds for her selection of songs featuring pop and TOP40.
She’s regularly plays at major HIPHOP and R&B events which take place in Shibuya, Tokyo.

DJ Kazuhide
Hip Hop | R&B | Various

He is well known for his excellent music selection of various genres based on hip-hop and R&B songs, scratching, and beat juggling skills. He has not only been a resident DJ at numerous clubs in Tokyo, but also played as a guest DJ at famous parties and hotels in Macau, Guangzhou, Foshan China.

DJ Ucchy
Hip Hop | R&B | Various

Influenced by Hip Hop and R&B, he started DJing at the age of 18. 3 years of overseas DJ experience from 2017, returning to Japan in 2020.
Keep an eye on his future work.

DJ Kat
Hip Hop | Various

Based in China, DJ Kat plays all over Asia and especially in Japan. While Hip Hop being his main go-to Genre, he’s also a talented mixer who creates creative sounds by intertwining genres based on occasion and ambiance.

DJ Heat (Hottavybz)
Dancehall | Afrobeats | Hip Hop

DJ “Robbie” Heat is a UK-born DJ & producer with over 20 years of DJ experience. Since moving to Japan in 2009 he has made a name for himself in Tokyo’s club scene playing diverse genres, with a focus on dancehall and Afrobeats.
He often performs alongside Jamaican MC / artist Dremazin, the other half of the duo Hottavybz.

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